Jon Halvor Bjørnseth
Workshop leader/
musician / composer
tel..: +47 2235 1020
cell pohne:+47 488 67 467
Lybekkveien 35 C
0770 OSLO
Reg. company number:
979 665 210
email: jonhalvor<at>

Jon Halvor Bjørnseth (b. 1964) has composed for bands, theater, dance and multi-media for several years and is also an experienced leader of music workshops. In 1998 he founded the DRIVHUSET foundation of music workshops which has carried out some hundred projects all focusing on musical creativity in improvising and composing. From a starting point with guitar and keyboards he nowadays plays more on several rare self-constructed string and percussion instruments. His use of computers has also shifted from being mainly a tool for composing and recording to being a live instrument in which one samples and manipulates the sounds on the fly. As part of the duo Båndvidda with Isak Anderssen, Jon Halvor has also completed a series of sound installations in which the audience can trigger sounds or participate actively in different ways.


Det Avlyttede Kjøkken



Jon Halvor a lot with and for the music workshop foundation Drivhuset
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